Friday, 29 March 2013

First experience with Tridion

The newest member of the Tridion community says "Hello" to all of you.

My name is Stefan Shumanov, 23, from Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, motivated and sociable.

My Tridion journey started this Monday, as I joined Robert Curlette ( and his team. So I am still at the very beginning.

At first I felt very confused using Tridion because it was so different from everything that I've done before. My brain was full of new information and it wasn't capable of remembering and understanding everything. It was so crazy the first two days...

Then in Wednesday, I started to clear my vision. I was working mainly on templates and started making difference between page, component and compound templates. I was mainly using Dreamweaver templates but Robert also introduced me briefly to .Net and Razor TBBs.

The fourth day was even better in my opinion and according to what I felt. I've started using the Tridion interface much more freely, same with the Template Builder. I've also succeeded in installing and extension on the server and finally test what I was working on. I even managed to solve an exception and after that a layout problem on my page. This made me feel a bit more confident.

Today will be my last day of my first week using Tridion and I am waiting to see what challenges I will have during the day. One thing is sure, it is going to be an interesting experience once more.

Stefan Shumanov