Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"Throttled" problem when publishing

Yesterday I succeeded in installing SDL Tridion 2013. So today I wanted to proceed with installing and configuring the Experience Manager and start using it.

At first I went to the 2013 live documentation and saw that there is a great video explaining the whole process of XPM installation. However, the documentation recommended to verify that we have a fully-functioning SDL Tridion Content Manager and Content Delivery system. That's why I got back to the previous video about installing SDL Tridion 2013. I have already installed the Content Manager but proceeded with Content Delivery. I followed the video (which is really descriptive and clear) and finished everything. The final step was to publish a "Hello World" page and when I published I got the "Throttled" state in the Publishing Queue.

We've tried to fix this by making some more configurations on IIS, the server itself, restarting services, etc. Unfortunately, none of these fixed the problem.

After that I started going through the Content Delivery prerequisites and everything was fine there as well. Then I went through the whole step by step guide for Installing the Content Deployer (HTTP or HTTPS) as a .NET Web application. This is also very descriptive and well-written and I made sure that we haven't missed any of the steps. Unfortunately, this did't fix the problem as well.

Then I searched for "Throttled" in the live documentation and ended up reading an article called "If the Publishing Queue shows the item stuck at 'Throttled'". Here I found some advices on how to fix our problem. I went to the file and increased the number of workers, increased the window size and made the Transport Priority Pool Size equal to 0 (this will allow unlimited amount of parallel transports to take place).

 <Workers NormalPriorityPoolSize="50" HighPriorityPoolSize="50" TransportPriorityPoolSize="0"/>

I thought that is going to resolve the issue but I was wrong...

At the end, without knowing how, I ended up looking at meta.xml that was located in my Queue location. And there I saw what the problem was in our case.

We had this information inside meta.xml:


I thought that this value is coming from my deployer config file but I changed the value there, then restarted the web site, restarted the services, etc., and when I looked again the value in the meta.xml wasn't changed.

So as a next step I changed the value in the meta file to 50, restarted everything again, and gave it a shot. TA-DA! Success! That fixed the problem for us and I was able to publish and unpublish now, without any "Throttled" states.

Tomorrow I continue with the Experience Manager and hopefully I won't have irritating problems this time.

SDL Tridion 2013 Installation video -

Installing the Content Deployer (HTTP or HTTPS) as a .NET Web application -

If the Publishing Queue shows the item stuck at 'Throttled' -

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