Friday, 5 April 2013

Misspelled server name = Internal server error = many hours lost

Today I was working with Experience Manager (XPM). I thought that everything was configured well and the Manager should have worked properly.

When I performed the final test with a Hello World page at the end of the whole installation/configuration procedure, I ended up with a painful "Internal server error". And it wasn't enough, but it was also happening randomly, which made it harder to track it.

After looong hours in headbanging and stress (I am used to receiving run-time or compile errors, which is not the case here), I found out that I misspelled the server name in one of my cd_storage_conf.xml file. After that I copied that file and used it for my Experience Manager Web Service, so I had the wrong server name twice. After the corrections, it started working as expected and there was no "Internal server error" any more.

In conclusion, I will always pay more attention to what I write in the configuration files. Five minutes of rewriting configurations might save like a day of troubles...

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