Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Experience Manager, I like you

So, last week I was playing around with the Experience Manager (XPM) in Tridion 2013. I've heard that they change the name of the feature with every new release of Tridion. It is like a mystery to me why do they do that...

It seems like a very powerful tool and I actually like it a lot. I can already see how useful it can be on a real project (I just tried it on a test project with learning purposes). XPM is very straightforward and in my opinion easy to use. You just need some practice and in no time you will be able to use it "like a boss".

Apart from the good first impression, I had a little painful experience with the XPM. It was caused by the slow performance it had. This bad performance should be caused by our server and I refuse to accuse XPM for it. So, our team decided to make some improvements on the server and to test how it works. The results will be ready soon and hopefully we will be able to bring faster performance.

There was only one feature that I wasn't able to successfully use. I read that you can easily drag-and-drop an image from your file system inside Tridion CME (the side pannel with images that pops up) and it will upload the image for you. I've tried everything but without any result. It might be that the problem is on my side, I didn't have enough time to investigate it. Anyway, it still is very easy to upload and image with like 2-3 more clicks of your mouse button.

In conclusion, the Experience Manager can be awesome if it works fast enough (which I believe will happen with the improvements of the server). It saves time, it's easy to use, it's very user-friendly and powerful.


  1. Stefan did you ever determine if the lack of speed issue was on the server side or the tool side? If tool, side did you find a resolution to the issue?

  2. Troy, I didn't determine if the lack of speed is coming from the server side but most probably it was. Unfortunately, I am not working there anymore but I will ask my boss if he tried with improved server and will let you know.